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No one wants shallow relationships, right, especially in marriage!  We want our relationships to be meaningful and the roots to be deep into love.  Come join us for our Deep Love series where we will look a Biblical perspective on how to make your relationship everything you would want it to be!

March 19 – Conflict

Conflict is a necessary part of a good marriage relationship.  But you have to learn how, so you can fight fair.  Come learn the Biblical truths on how to deal with conflict.

March 26 – Adaptability

What brings satisfaction and peace to marriage?  The level of joy is determined by each person’s ability to adjust to the things beyond his or her own control. Join us in learning how to be more adaptable.

April 2 – Intimacy

For many couples, their sexual relationship is not what they want to be.   One of the biggest problems is that couples don’t talk about it.  Join us this Sunday to talk about the beautiful gift of sex that God has given to married couples and learn about how to cultivate a deeper intimacy in their marriage.

April 9 – Palm Sunday: Jesus Our King

Be our guest on Palm Sunday when we celebrate Jesus’ grand entrance into Jerusalem. The Jews were looking for a king to conquer Rome, but Jesus came to conquer death!  The kids will be waving palms during out worship time.

April 14 – Good Friday: The Suffering Substitute

Jesus came to this earth to be a suffering substitute for you and me.  Join us for our Good Friday Service as  we remember what Jesus sacrificed for us.  We will be looking  into Isaiah 53 to fully understand the reason for his death and resurrection.

April 16 -Easter: The Supreme Question

Come join us for our special Easter service.   It’s the most exciting Sunday of the year because we will be celebrating Jesus Christ’s Resurrection.  Along with our worship band, we will also have a choir leading us in worship.  Bring friends and family along for this special day!

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