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The Bible Changed My Life

July 9 – “Back on Track”

Speaker: Tim Perry, Nationwide Chaplain Service & 10-41 Inc., Nehemiah 8
Down through the centuries, God’s people have gone through cycles where His Word has been neglected and the spiritual condition of His people deteriorates. In His grace, God sends renewal. Inevitably, one of the main marks of such renewal is a renewed emphasis on God’s Word.

 July 16 – “Life is like a Baseball Game”

Speaker: Clary Butler, Willow Creek Pastor, Matthew 6:13
In life we often face difficult challenges. When attempting to overcome those challenges, we sometimes strike out. There is one simple verse in one simple prayer, spoken by Jesus, that changed my life. I will share a game plan that will allow every Christ follower to hit a daily home run.

 July 23 – “Grace Misunderstood”

Speaker: John Mehn, Converge Missionary, Japan, Ephesians 1:3-14
God’s amazing grace means we are unconditionally loved and completed accepted as His children, in Christ.

July 30 – “A Meeting with God”

Richard Wollard, Springbrook Executive Pastor, Exodus 3:1-17
The day started out just like any other. A leather-skinned shepherd expecting nothing out of the ordinary, maybe wishing for something different to break the monotony of tending sheep, will have what has to be one of the most powerful encounters with God ever recorded. Would you like to have such an encounter? Come join us July 30th, for “A Meeting with God”!

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