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Teaching Series

 God Quest

People have many questions about God and the Bible. During this series we will be looking at six common questions people ask about Christianity. If you are searching for God, you will find clarity in what life with Jesus is all about. If you are a Christ follower, you will learn how to answer these questions when other people ask.

October 29 – Understanding Islam

There has been a lot of news and conversations about Islam especially with ISIS in the news. It’s important that we as Christ-followers understand this religion so we can more effectively share our faith with others. Join us as we as we study how the beliefs of Christianity and Islam differ.


Parenting is difficult. It’s full of challenges no matter what the age of your child. We are going to study the best parenting book on the shelves today – the Bible. Join us for this important series whether you are a parent, grandparent, or you influence or care about the children in your life (all of us do, but we might not realize it!).

November 5 – A Parents Priority

It’s too easy to get distracted today. Our smart phones are a good example. It’s so important to be reminded to keep the focus on the spiritual growth of our children! Be with us this Sunday for some encouragement in parenting.

November 12 – How to be Tough and Tender

Disciplining our children is one of the greatest challenges we face. We know we should do it, but it gets confusing quickly. Come out this weekend to study the Biblical principles that will encourage you in this difficult role.

November 19 – The Power of Words

Words can be weapons. The problem is that most parents don’t realize how powerful their words are in a child’s emotional life. Join us this Sunday as we dive into the Bible for some wisdom on healthy communication.

November 26 – Coaching Kids to Greatness

“Values” has become a popular word in recent years, especially when preceded by the word “family.” To talk about values is to talk about what kind of person you want your child to be. Join us Sunday as we look at the key goals of parenting!

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