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The Stand – Stories of Courage from Daniel

For the next five weeks, we will be studying amazing stories of courage found in the book of Daniel. If you take a STAND for the right things, right time, and the right way it can change your life. But if you COMPROMISE for the wrong things, the wrong times, and the wrong reasons—it will cost you more than you can imagine.

Stand Out – April 23

Most people don’t like to stand out in a group.   But Daniel and his friends took their stand for God in a foreign land in captivity.  Join us for the “diet“challenge in Daniel 1.

Stand Up – April 30

This week we will be studying about how Daniel stood up in interpreting the dreams of King Nebuchadnezzar.   He didn’t have good news for him, but he wasn’t afraid to deliver bad news found in Daniel 2.  There are times when we need to speak truth to someone in our life.  Join us as we learn from Daniel’s life.

Stand Strong – May 7

How essential is your prayer life?  Daniel prayed courageously three times a day even after it had been made illegal.  Be our guest as we study Daniel 6 when Daniel is taken into the lion’s den for breaking the law.  We will discover how important prayer is to our daily walk with God.

Mother’s Day – May 14

Join us for a wonderful service encouraging Moms!  They have the most challenging job and they do it with a heart of service and love.   We’ll have something special for Mom’s.  No better way to honor your Mom than thank her and thank God on this special Sunday.

Stand Against – May 21

Come learn with us how God strengthens and enables us in painful problems.  Read Daniel 10 before you come, to prepare your mind and heart for this encouraging message.

Stand With – May 28

Are you going through a difficult time in your life?  You’ll be encouraged by this passage in Daniel 4.  God stands with us in the fiery furnace and gives us strength and encouragement to press on.

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