Reaching and building passionate followers of Jesus Christ

A Word from Pastor Dan – November 2nd

“Trunk or Treat was amazing!” This response was similar to many other responses we received to this new outreach. We had over 650 guests and a rough estimate is that forty percent do not attend Springbrook. I had great conversations with people who didn’t attend any church and showed interest in checking out our church family!

First of all I want to thank God for pouring His Spirit out on this event as we asked Him to do. I also want to thank all two hundred plus people that helped out in different ways to reach our community for Jesus. Thanks for bringing lots of candy!! Thanks for the hours of time invested to make this outreach a win for God. Please be praying in the coming weeks for those who attended who did not know Jesus.

Would you pray with me that everyone in our family would pray and do all that they can to help people discover the Gospel?

This weekend I will be teaching on the wondrous love of God. You will be encouraged!

Pastor Dan