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A Word from Pastor Dan – March 1st

Learning How to Change Your Spouse!

Have your ever wanted to change something about your spouse? Join us this weekend when we will learn the secret of influencing your spouse with an amazing strategy! As we return to our 1 Peter series, we will be digging into 1 Peter 3:1-7 to uncover these powerful truths.

We just completed the permitting process for our new sign. They tell us it will be erected and ready to use by May 1st at the latest. Thanks for your generosity in making this sign possible. Most of the people who are guests at our church say the reason they visited was because they saw our church. On the other hand, I talked with one leader who drove by our church for a year and he never knew it was a church. Pray that the Holy Spirit would use this tool to bring many people to our ministry to hear, feel and experience the Gospel.

Please be praying with me as we approach the Easter season and be thinking about who you might invite on Easter. Start praying today for that person or family. Friends, God has given us an incredible treasure in the Gospel to introduce to others. It can transform their life today and for eternity!

Pastor Dan