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A Word from Pastor Dan – April 5th

Come Celebrate Jesus With Us!

Easter is only four days away.  I can’t wait to reflect on Christ’s death and celebrate His Resurrection!  We will be having a meaningful Good Friday service planned at 7:00pm as we remember Jesus’ last seven words spoken on the cross taught by our three pastors.

The most important thing about the weekend is the opportunity to introduce other people to the Gospel so they can celebrate Him for eternity.  Be sure to remind people you’ve already invited out to Easter and if you haven’t – invite them in the next two days!  Easter is a very natural time to invite people to church because it is still a religious tradition especially in our area.  If they can’t make it on Easter, invite them out to our James series.  If we’re going to rescue people we need to pray and step out of our comfort zone.  All we have to do is invite them and pray for them.

Just a few reminders to make Easter special for our guests:

  •  Park as far as possible to make room for our guests.
  •  Sit down front to save the best seats for our guests.
  •  Before, during and after the services be sure to connect with as many new people as you can.

Pray with me that God’s Spirit would engulf our services and draw people to Jesus.

Pastor Dan