Reaching and building passionate followers of Jesus Christ

A Word from Pastor Dan – April 12th

What are You Struggling With?

What challenges are you facing? What pain are you experiencing? Life can be so overwhelming sometimes.

One of the most comforting things is that when you go through hard times as a Christ-Follower, you can look at your pain in a new way. Troubles in life are one of the most common tools that God uses to make us more like Jesus Christ.

We will be exploring this counter-intuitive approach to problems over the next three months in a series entitled – “Faith that Works” as we begin a new adventure of discovering God’s principles to live by in the book of James.

James is one of the most practical books in the Bible on Christian living. What Proverb is to the O.T., James is to the N.T. It covers everything from dealing with temptation, obtaining God’s wisdom, dealing with favoritism, controlling the tongue, planning for the future and much more! I would challenge you to read through the book of James many times throughout this series. We’re going to dig deep and discover God’s will for our lives.

We had a meaningful time last weekend celebrating the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. At our Easter service we had over 1000 people and 15 first time families attended! I want to thank you for inviting your friends out whether they attended or not. Thanks for spreading the seeds of the Gospel!! A very big thank you for all who used your gifts, abilities and time to make it such special weekend.

See you this weekend!

Pastor Dan