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A Word from Pastor Dan – Mother’s Day


We are going to honor Mom’s this Sunday! Being a Mom is the most energy-draining, fulfilling, challenging, joyful, overwhelming and satisfying responsibility a woman can have!

We are going to celebrate Mom’s this Sunday at our 9:00 and 11:00 am services! We will hear an inspirational story from one mom at Springbrook and give you a gift to thank you for all you do. Moms be sure to bring the whole family because I’ll be teaching on “How to Treat a Mom”.

If you would like to help me with preparing this message, email me ideas of what Moms need from their families at I want to encourage your families to better honor you throughout the year. We will also have family photos being taken to remember this special day. If you know any Mom friends out there who need some encouragement, bring them along!

Pastor Dan