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A Word from Pastor Richard – August 2nd

Just Stop!

In First Kings 19:13, it says that when God appeared to Elijah in the sound of a gentle wind blowing, “he wrapped his face in his cloak” before going out to stand at the entrance to the cave in which he was hiding. Just moments before, God had revealed himself by tearing apart the mountains with the wind, an earthquake and a fire, but it wasn’t until the gentle wind that Elijah was moved.

You know, I think our culture is sometimes enthralled by the “bigger, louder, and more spectacular” at the expense of encountering a living God that wants to meet with us in the quietness of a soft gentle wind. Take time today to stop. Just stop, catch your breath, meditate on a passage or a verse, and share it with someone!

Before we think about finishing up our summer vacations, picking up the school supply lists, or packing our fall calendars with all those good opportunities for us or the kids, let us stop to schedule a routine daily time with a living God who wants to meet with us in the gentle wind!

Please pray for Pastor Dan on vacation, and for Pastor Justin and I as we lead our missions team to South Dakota. This Sunday, our guest speaker will be Dr. Darryl Saffore from Lawndale Community Church.

Pastor Richard