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Pastoral Search Update: 7/17/19

With the support of your prayers and by God’s grace,

We are seeing God’s handprints in the search!

As the search team has been meeting, we’ve seen God at work:

  • He has given us a renewed fervor and urgency to seek him individually.
  • He has led our meetings, empowering us to learn the tools needed for this process and allowing us to reach unity in who will fill various roles on the search team.
  • He has called MANY to pray for our pastoral search process already! Here’s how many people have told us about their commitment to pray during the week:
    • Sunday: 18 people
    • Monday: 15 people
    • Tuesday: 8 people
    • Wednesday: 13 people
    • Thursday: 12 people
    • Friday: 12 people
    • Saturday: 8 people

The search team will be meeting this week on Thursday, July 18. Please continue to pray for our church, the candidates, and the team as the Spirit leads you.

Springbrook Pastoral Search Team

Bill Atkinson, Al Dietsche, Eric Runck, Sierra Belton, Kim Joslin, Tony Lopez, Shirley Ortiz and Bill Ziletti.