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I was lost, but now I’m found

In just nine months, Charles lost seventeen family members. Let that sink in for a moment. That was seventeen (17) family members lost in nine months.

As Charles grieved, he wrestled with his Islamic beliefs. He couldn’t understand why his strict obedience had resulted in such bitter fruit. One day, when returning home from the mosque, he passed by a group watching the Jesus Film. Charles stopped to join them. He was amazed as he watched Jesus render death powerless.  Charles accepted Christ into his life that night and invited Pastor Tunda, the TTI church planter who showed the Jesus Film to his predominately Muslim community, where 172 people had surrendered their lives to Christ!

Pastor Tunda planted the first church in Charles’ village and began training Charles as a disciple maker. Charles, having completed his training, has now planted a church in a neighboring town and focuses his ministry on reaching Muslims for Christ. His family has found peace and hope in the promises of God, they rejoice that death no longer plagues their family, and God is now using them to reach others with the Good News about Jesus!

Springbrook Community Church is honored to partner with The Timothy initiative (TTI). That you for your financial support of our ministry that enable us to have TTI as a part of our missions budget!