A church committed to reaching our community for Jesus Christ and building passionate disciples

Ministry Updates

Below are a few updates as we head into a new week!


If you were not able to join us Sunday for our live service broadcast, you can watch now using one of the links below:


Our leaders gathered last week for brief ministry updates, and we extended an invitation to our church membership. This week, we will be hosting a church-wide ministry update for anyone at Springbrook to listen in with ministry updates, question & answer, and prayer breakouts. Below is the link for last week’s meeting and information on this week’s gathering:

This week, in addition to ministry updates, Q&A, and prayer, we will have important information about our upcoming Good Friday and Easter service. Be sure to sign up for our weekly email, and watch for more information.


We have staff, systems and support in place for our Springbrook family, as well as families in our immediate communities. If you haven’t familiarized yourself with Update, Needs, Resources and Opportunities, please head to the main page and review the ministry options.

As of the March 31st, we have 20 families that are ready to bring meals to anyone in need, pick-up groceries, or provide general assistance. We have had several families in our community we have assisted with a helping hand gift, we have delivered meals, and we are in conversations with local community agencies on how to potentially utilize our building should the need arise.

In has been exciting to see our small groups and ministry teams have grown closer together as they communicate regularly with phone calls and texts, and meet routinely via video conferencing. If you or anyone you know is feeling isolated or lonely at this time, please take advantage of our prayer network, and we will reach out to them!


Coming into a season of Sunday morning shut-down and scary beginning with March, we finished the first quarter with strong giving these last two weeks and have finished on budget! Thank you for your financial stewardship and faithfulness which is enables us to effectively build passionate followers who are reaching our community for Christ!

We will be including envelopes or mail-in instructions with our first quarter giving letters, or for more information about how to give online, visit www.springbbrook.org/giving.

Blessings, and may the peace of Christ give you rest, strength and encouragement!