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I’m writing this morning with excitement about the results of a meeting we recently had with a man who was involved in a car accident as he was driving to church.  He struck another vehicle entering the roadway and the driver subsequently died.

The guilt was so overwhelming, that he felt separation from God because he had been involved in an accident that took the life of another.  We were able come alongside him to share three important principles:

  1. How to live with your grief (Paul’s life before Christ in Acts 9)
  2. Living with the Pain (Jacob wrestling in Genesis 32)
  3. Limping in sadness or limping in joy (Paul from 2 Corinthians 6; sorrowful yet always rejoicing)

Our conversation enabled our friend to wipe the scales from his eyes so He could see Jesus again.  He is being connected to biblical and psychological counselors that have partnered with NCS, all of this as a part of God’s plan.

Thank you for your support for the work God is doing through NCS!
Stronger together, almost home, AMEN!!

Tim Perry
President, Nationwide Chaplains

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