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Missions Year End Offering

As of 11/22/20:

We have just finished our church-wide Witness series through Acts, and this is the perfect time for us to step out together into our Acts 1:8 vision with our year end offering!  Our year end offering this year will be broken out into each of our expanding areas of influence in serving and reaching our community, nation and world with the good news about Jesus Christ.

Below are the breakdowns and descriptions for each part of the initiative. Our missions wall in the eastside corridor is almost finished, so be sure to make your way there for up-to-date missions updates. You can also visit the missions page of our website, or follow along on our Facebook Missions group.  Thank you for your generosity as we seek to accomplish all God has for us together!

Jerusalem Judea Samaria EndS of Earth
Helping Hand Fund
Church Planter
Converge MidAmerica
Timothy Initiative

Helping Hand fund

The purpose of the Helping Hand Fund is to help families at Springbrook that are in need. There might be a family crisis, a financial need, or maybe is just a need for a counseling grant. This past year has been especially stressful for many, and just through October, our helping hand fund has been able to assist families with $18,100 in needs.
Anyone can make a contribution to our helping hand fund at any time, but with our year end offering we would like to infuse this ministry overseen by our elders and pastoral care team with a $10,000 supplement..

church planter

Pastor Sean & Bethany Lee panted their church in Powell Ohio that past June, just 1 of the many churches that Converge has planted this year. Well, just this November, we had 17 new church planters affirmed to plant church in their communities!
$4,200 of our year end offering will go to supplement our budget to plant a new church in our region within the next year. Be sure to watch our missions page for our church planter update and when they will be visiting Springbrook!

converge Midamerica

Springbrook is a member of Converge MidAmerica (CMA), an affiliation of 242 churches across 8 states with a vision of starting and strengthening churches to reach their communities for Christ. In just the past 10 years, CMA has started 89 brand new churches just in our district alone! 40% of our churches are culturally or ethnically diverse, and we have over 55,000 in attendance each Sunday
$3,600 of our year end offering will go to supplement our budget for CMA to expand our reach for Christ in our US district.

Timothy Initiative

The Timothy Initiative (TTI) partners with local leaders in some of the least reached areas of the world to train disciple makers and church planters.
Springbrook has supported TTI for many years, and with our year end offering this year, would like to increase our budget by $2,200 to support a new country-wide initiative to see a new Christ-centered church in every village!