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Kid City 9am Service Update

During the first week of July, we sent a text survey to all our parents at Springbrook with an open public website link for our entire community to ask if they were more interested in attending the 9am or 11am service with their kids. The results were surprisingly 50/50 split!

We are committed to supporting our 11am children’s ministry service as we move toward the fall and will move to reopen the 9am service only if we are able to obtain commitments to fully staff both services by the 2nd week of August and do both well.

We will plan to launch the 9am children’s ministry service in January 2022 if we are unable to staff both services by the end of August, after we get through the start of the new school year, and the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.

If you have any questions or willing to serve in Children’s Ministry, visit Springbrook.org/serve or contact Michelle Haugh.