A church committed to reaching our community for Jesus Christ and building passionate disciples

Generosity Initiative Goals

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  • $250,000 Current Disciplemaking Staff
  • $100,000 New Disciplemaking Staff and Resources
  • $50,000 Community Outreach Resources
  • $25,000 Lawndale Community Church Project
  • $75,000 Training Church Planters and Short-term Missions Trips
  • $500,000 Total Goal

Our desire is to fund all of these projects fully, but if congregational commitments fall below $500,000, our Elders will prayerfully determine how to best allocate the resources, seeking to honor each project.

We encourage each person to prayerfully make a two-year sacrificial commitment above and beyond their regular giving to Springbrook’s general budget.

Even if you have not fulfilled your HeartStrong commitment, we encourage you to make a new commitment to the DiscipleDriven initiative.

How far will the vision of our DiscipleDriven initiative take us? As far as we allow God to reach into our lives and as far as we are willing to commit ourselves! Please take a moment to download our Family Guide and Commitment Card, and begin praying now about how God is leading to be take a step of faith with our church family.