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To the Ends of the Earth

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Northern India

The first vision trip for India is scheduled for July 8-18, 2014! For more information, click this link.

Our international disciple-making vision is to train 100 church planters in Northern India, which will result in more than 200 churches being planted! We will partner with the Timothy Initiative, which specializes in training local men to start churches around the world.

The region we will be working in is only .01% evangelized and is in the heart of the unreached people groups of the world. For only $300 we can train a church planter over a two-year period with a thorough Biblical education.


Many of these men are farmers who have a burden to reach their
people. These churches meet in buildings, homes and even beneath
trees. Churches in this area grow to about 25-30 people with most
being new Christ followers. We will train 100 church planters, but
most likely more than 200 will be planted because of our
resources and prayers.

Mission Trips

Our vision is to build a greater heart for international missions in
our church family. Short-term mission trips are a powerful way for
God to inspire a heart for reaching the world with the Gospel. We
will be resourcing at least one trip to India and additional trips to
other regions.