A church committed to reaching our community for Jesus Christ and building passionate disciples

Springbrook Community Church is affiliated with Converge Worldwide, a global movement of churches working together to help people meet, know, and follow Jesus.


Springbrook Community Church exists to glorify God as we grow, equip, and release passionate disciples to reach our communities and world for Jesus Christ.


Our mission at Springbrook is to:

  1. Experience the fullness of a relationship with Jesus Christ and build genuine relationships.
  2. Grow in faith through the discovery and discussion of Biblical values in the context of relationships.
  3. Be Equipped for ministry through the application, affirmation, and obedience of living out our faith.
  4. Disciple and mobilize others as they seek to fulfill God’s purposes in their lives.

What is a Disciple?

At Springbrook, we find Matthew 22:36-40, Matthew 28:16-20, and John 15:6-26 clearly identify the following characteristics of a disciple (Christian, Christ-follower, Believer). A disciple is someone who:

  • Studies, applies, and lives out God’s Word
  • Cultivates a relationship with God through prayer
  • Worships God daily through spirit powered obedience
  • Invests in genuine relationships within Biblical community
  • Serves others through the utilization of their spiritual gifts
  • Shares Jesus with others

Disciple Making Pathway

The pathway at Springbrook to make a disciples can best be summarized through a series of movements:

  • Connect

    For those that are exploring God or the Bible or are new or unconnected to Springbrook, we want to help move them to commitment to Christ, His church and regular engagement.

  • Grow

    For those that are engaged at Springbrook, we want to help them move deeper into discipleship, develop a plan for spiritual growth and experience the joy of being fully connected to the local Body of Christ and a small group.

  • Equip

    For those that have demonstrated a heart for God and a desire to grow spiritually, we want to help them unlock the full power and potential of their spiritual gifts and move them toward a deeper intimacy with God.

  • GO

    For those that have moved into positions of leadership in ministry or on teams, we want to empower and release them to invest in the lives of others at Springbrook, our community, and our world!

If you have any questions or comments about our vision, mission, or values, or if you are interested in how you can lean into all that God has for us at Springbrook, please contact any member of our elder board or staff. Be blessed!