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You and I are swimming in a culture full of opinions masquerading as wisdom. What’s worse, much of what passes as wisdom today has the ring of biblical truth. How do you tell the difference? How do see through half-truths and self-help trends to access the deep wisdom of God’s Word and the full life found in Him alone?

In our Trite, Not True series we are going to look at some cultural beliefs and trite statements even inside Christianity that sound good, wise and helpful, but in the end might not be true biblically, and if not dealt with in an honest way could discourage people, disrupt their faith and lead them further away from a true relationship with God.

Join us for this special series from September 24th through November 12th. Follow along with us individually, but most beneficially utilizing RightNow media, in or with one of our small groups!

RightNow Media

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