Reaching and building passionate followers of Jesus Christ

Kid City


At Springbrook Community Church, we want to help you raise emotionally and spiritually healthy children.

We do that through an exciting, age-appropriate program with large-group Bible storytelling, and music, as well as small groups, prayer, crafts, activities and games.

Infants and pre-k children are carefully cared for by our volunteers in their respective rooms. Elementary children in Kindergarten through 5th grade will meet in their classrooms before meeting as a large group for corporate worship time with age-appropriate music. Then they will break into small groups by age, to build relationship and further understand what was taught in the Bible story through fun activities, prayer and q&a.

Springbrook is currently using a curriculum called TRU from David C. Cook. Tru is a spiritually forming and family-empowering ministry philosophy that offers a vibrant curriculum and resources for today’s families. Each week, you have access to a resource designed to allow your family to have time in God’s Word before your children attend church. We want you to be the one to introduce each week’s lesson, so stop by the Kid City registration desk Sunday to pick up your handout as a review following the service!  You can also sign up for the Home Front magazine, a digital subscription that comes via email, for more fun ways to lead your family spiritually!

Kid City takes place during the services for children aged infant through 5th grade. Parents may drop off students to their classrooms prior to going to the service. At the registration table, you will receive an alpha numeric name tag, which matches the code located on the child’s name tag. This will be used at pick up following the service. If one of our volunteers should need to contact you during the service, the same code will appear on the screen in our worship center. We have a Parent Room outside the infant classroom with a closed-circuit tv so you don’t have to miss any of the service while you tend to your child, if needed.

Our program ensures that the children in Kid City are meeting in smaller student to volunteer ratios in order to develop relationships and have discipleship happen among teens, adults and children.

For the safety of all children in the program, all of our volunteers are pre-screened.  This process includes: volunteer application, background check and possible reference check. If you are interested in serving, we have many opportunities for you to be involved. We are always looking for small group leaders and teachers at all grade levels, as well as helpers for the infants and pre-k classrooms. Volunteers are matched up with their giftedness, so that as they are volunteering in children’s ministry they are using their gifts to disciple one another and the children at Springbrook.

For more information about Kid City, contact the Children’s Ministry Director Michelle Haugh.