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Kids Hope

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kidshope3Springbrook Community Church is proud to be a part of KIDS HOPE USA. This church-school partnership provides interventions for kids that lead to many positive benefits for these students. We are partnering with Lake in the Hills Elementary School to bring volunteers to meet with individual students. Selected students are matched with a mentor, with whom they meet with one-on-one for one hour per week throughout the entire school year. The goal is to keep the matches going into the next school year. Currently, Lake in the Hills has 11 students with mentors from our church, plus several more students on a waiting list.

why_imageKIDS HOPE Director Penney Jurzak said she is pleasantly surprised by how well the partnership is going at Lake in the Hills. “The volunteers feel so appreciated by the students and the staff,” Jurzak said. This program started one year ago and is already making a major impact on students, including third grader Zoe. She and her mentor, Penney, were playing Jinga one day when Zoe looked up and said, “I wish you could come every day!” Penney said the program is just as much a blessing for the volunteers as for the kids. Another volunteer mentor, Julia Hemsely, reflected that the hour with first grade mentee, Aubrey, passes much too quickly. When Aubrey was asked how much time she thinks the volunteers should spend at the school, she responded, “I wish it could be 100 hours per week!”

The children benefit from time with an adult who simply is there to listen and spend time with them, but they are not the only ones who come out of this experience blessed.

You can change a life …and that’s no small change.”

If you have any questions, please contact Penney Jurzak, penneyjurzak@springbrook.org or 847-770-5055 or use the inquiry form below.