Reaching and building passionate followers of Jesus Christ

Jesus often taught about the importance of prayer. The clear message throughout the Bible is that prayer changes things. It opens the door to God’s blessings and His power. That is why Springbrook Community Church values and encourages prayer.

Prayer Team

This team meets weekly from 7:00pm to 8:30pm at the church, and strives to help Springbrook focus on prayer that they may become a “House of Prayer.” Members of our prayer team are available to pray for you immediately after the weekend service as well. If you have an immediate prayer need or praise report, please share it by clicking the On-line prayer request below.

Prayer Chain

This team works together in relay fashion to pray for special and urgent needs. You may submit a prayer request during the service or online. Many can attest to the strength and comfort received when believers join together to pray for one and another in times of need. Responsibilities of the chain team leaders include phoning requests to every person on their team. Team members are responsible to pray for the request in a timely manner as an act of intercession and encouragement.

Elder Prayer

The elders meet routinely, and are available during the corporate prayer on Sundays. Specific dates and times are listed in the weekly church bulletin. You are welcome at any time to submit a prayer request to the elders or visit the elders during their prayer time in the front office area following the weekend service.

Prayer Gathering

Come join us for our monthly church-wide prayer gathering!  We invite you to come and experience a powerful time of worship, prayer and reflection. If you are in need of prayer, please come; everyone is welcome!