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Image127-1045Is there a way to let young girls know how deeply they are loved and accepted? Is there a forum to let them know that they are worth the wait in our over sexualized culture? Not a lecture, not a speech, not another list of dos and don’ts, but rather a deep method of touching their spirits in such a way as to let girls know why it matters that they understand their value.

Now in its seventh year, the annual PINC (Purity Is No Compromise) overnight retreat was started by Emily Phillips for 6th through 12th grade girls in the local area. “Purity is more than just waiting to have sex, it’s about knowing yourself well enough to understand what you would be missing, before you give it away,” she said. “We focus on making girls feel worthy of love and acceptance, not based on their appearance or talents or their pasts, but on their identity in Christ.”

Image127-1027 The 2015 PINC Overnight Retreat was held April 9-10 at the church, a loving and thoughtful girls only event that encourages teen and preteen girls to become spiritually, emotionally, mentally, relationally, and physically healthy.  This years theme “Guard Your Heart” was all about helping young ladies understand their value in God’s eyes and how they can make wise, life changing, decisions and commitments that harvest blessings in the depths of their inner being.

Teen and Preteen Girls:  We pray that you will attend next year and encourage you to soak in the life giving and guarding wisdom offered.  Also, have fun, connect with new friends, in the safe and welcoming environment we try so hard to create for you.  Learn to avoid the draining damage of our broken world by guarding your heart.

Saturday’s session groupings for Saturday all fell under one of five  categories:

  • Guard your Choices
  • Guard your Relationships
  • Guard your Spirit
  • Guard your Body
  • Guard your Mind

Each of our teaching tracks was named after a precious jewel and will include one class from each category: Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire, Pearl and Amethyst.

ONLY 100 spots available!

Look for registration information here for April 2016!

Tickets can be purchased Online
(or a check can be dropped off at the youth office).



We offered for the first time this year a one hour split session which included the topics of
technology and communication with your teen. Look for information on a moms forum at future PINC retreats!
There is no additional cost if your daughter is attending PINC.


Do you want to be part of this exciting ministry? We need your help! We will have a sign up sheet for you to see easily how you may be able to help by donating items, helping set-up/take down, and praying. Thanks!

For more information, contact founder Emily Phillips.

PINC 2015