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.facebook_1406581949095It is our goal to assist in the corporate worship experience by both removing barriers that are within the environment as well as providing avenues through which those ministering can communicate with sound, light, electronic media and visuals as tools for God’s speaking and working.

During the service, the operation of sound, video, lighting, stage management, and security/safety are our primary focus. After the service all the equipment is packed up and put away. There is also maintenance of all equipment that takes place during the week between services.

Ministry Opportunities

Sound BoardThere are opportunities in every area of the Springbrook Production Team. Some areas require special abilities and all require a willingness to work with others and learn new things. Everyone involved in production will have to attend periodic meetings. Usually no more than once every 4 to 6 weeks.

Giftedness or the shape of an individuals interests may cover the entire range of God’s provision to the church as those with helps, administration, encouragement, leadership, teaching, etc. are all finding a place, as well as those not yet sure of their gift and who are just testing the waters.

  • Lighting

    Lights are adjusted and then run during the service. There is a rotating schedule and opportunities available. It requires arriving very early and being available 1 or 2 Sundays a month.

  • Audio

    All audio equipment must be set up and then monitored during rehearsals and the service. This task requires a good ear and attention to detail. Sound is one of the most critical jobs in the production team.

  • Video

    Each week we record the service and produce a program that is broadcast on McHenry County cable TV. Camera people are welcome as well as people to help in set-up and take down.

  • LCD Projection

    All the song lyrics and sermon notes that appear on the screen each week do not actually happen magically. Knowledge of a computer and familiarity with Microsoft PowerPoint is beneficial.

  • Stage Direction

    Stage directors are responsible for monitoring the flow of the service by helping with microphones, positioning drama props as well as directing backstage activities during the service.

  • Decorations

    The creativity of design and artistic presentation of colors, fabric, lighting and props for themes of Sunday services and special occasions is all a part of this team’s work. Opportunities are available in the planning and set up of this ministry.

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