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Parking Lot

In the winter of 2006, Springbrook completed construction of our current facilities and moved from Jacobs High School into our existing building. The building required very little maintenance for the first 5 years, but each year for the last 9 years we have seen increasing expenses in preventive maintenance and repairs.

Our parking lot wearing surface for the last several years has been maintained with sealcoating every other year, we have been routinely repairing broken and sunken drains, and we have been working to stay on top of the large cracks that have been forming.

At this time, the damage to the asphalt surface and base layer, and in many spots to the aggregate base, is beyond maintenance and requires significant repair.  Below are just a few pictures showing areas that are in need of significant repairs, but in every case, the recommendation has been to mill down the entire parking lot and apply new asphalt.

After reviewing several options, reviewing proposals from several experts, and talking with several members in the construction field, the recommendation from our board of elders is that we move forward with the milling and resurfacing of our parking lot, with the cost of the project not to exceed $210,000.  That recommendation was approved by our membership body on August 2nd, and the project is scheduled to begin and be completed in September.

Click this link to read through our parking lot FAQ document  and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact any member of the elder board at www.springbrook.org/elders