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Pastoral Search Updates

Springbrook Pastoral Search Team
Bill Atkinson, Al Dietsche, Eric Runck, Sierra Belton, Kim Joslin, Tony Lopez, Shirley Ortiz and Bill Ziletti.

Document: Pastoral Search Team Covenant
Document: Position Job Description



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The team request the congregation to pray for the team and the search for our new Senior Pastor.  A copy of the prayer schedules are available at the Ministry Center, or you can use the links above.

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As the search team has met, the importance of the lead pastor role has been foremost in our minds. In addition, we have been reminded of the principles from 1 Corinthians 12 — Every single one of us bring different skills and gifts, but together we are one body. Each of us, by the power of the Holy Spirit, plays a vital role in the working of our whole body. In light of that, we wanted to share some highlights of the different roles within our church body.

1. The elders do the overseeing. They…

  • provide spiritual leadership
  • set the vision & values
  • delegate authority and responsibility to the senior pastor
  • support the senior pastor and hold him accountable

2. The senior pastor does the leading and teaching. He…

  • casts vision
  • proactively assesses the spiritual needs of the congregation and the community
  • works with the elders to set vision level strategies
  • works with staff to set ministry level strategies and goals
  • makes sure the staff is motivated, trained, and operating at peak performance

3. The pastoral staff does the managing. They…

  • set program level strategies
  • determine what ministry teams are necessary with senior pastor approval
  • select, train and supervise team/group leaders
  • support team leaders in recruiting, motivating, equipping and overseeing the teams

4. The congregation does the ministry and holds the elders accountable. They…

  • lead ministry programs and perform the actual ministry
  • exert accountability over leaders by personal feedback, open meetings, and votes on the major issues
  • affirm the elders who oversee and the pastor who leads
  • vote on major issues including approval of annual budget, constitutional changes, and capital investments