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The God I Thought I Knew

There are so many misconceptions about God that people pick up as they go through life – the angry God, the out of touch God, the God who doesn’t care and many more. Join us as we find out about our amazing God! Whether you are just starting to seek God out or you are an experienced student of the Bible – you will be encouraged and enriched by this series.

What Does God Look Like to You? – September 21

We’ll be looking at common misconceptions about God that people have and then give an overview of the amazing truth found in the Bible about God. The more you understand about God, the more you desire to have a closer relationship with Him.

Why Does God Allow Suffering? – September 28

This is probably the most often asked question people have about God. So many people suffer with many painful issues. Be our guest as we look at this complex issue and find answers in the Bible.

Is God Really in Control? – October 5

This past year it seems we have seen more turmoil around the world than usual. If God is in control, why are these things happening? Does God care about my life when it is out of control? Join as we explore the Bible to understand how God cares for us and is in control.

How Does God’s Holiness Affect Me? – October 12

People usually don’t brag about being holy. We all know we have many areas of life that are not pure. We know that God is holy or perfect in everyway. This gives us great confidence in trusting a God who is righteous and at the same time full of love and grace. Come along with us as we understand how the holiness of God affects our lives.

How Do I Access God’s Wisdom in My Life? – October 19

Most people say they could use a lot more wisdom in their lives as they face life’s challenges. The wonderful thing is that God is the source of all wisdom and he wants to share His wisdom with you! Be our guest as we look at what the Bible says about how we can tap into God’s wisdom.

What’s the Purpose of God’s Justice? – October 26

Because God is holy, He is also a just God. The Gospel is the good news! Because of God’s justice, He needed to punish as sinners, but Jesus Christ took that penalty upon himself. Join us as we look at an the different aspects about God’s justice.

How Can I Experience the Love of God in My life? – November 1

Because we are so complex, it’s sometimes hard to fully experience the love of God. Be our guest as we unpack God’s amazing love and learn how we can experience it on a deeper level.

Why is God’s Faithfulness So Important? – November 8

As we find in life, people try to be faithful to us, but everyone fails us in someway. God is faithful in everyway – he never fails us though sometimes we think He has. The faithfulness of God is an important theme threaded throughout the Bible. Come and explore what it means to each of us.

How Can I Tap into God’s Power? – November 15

As we step through life from day to day, our energy fuel tank runs dry quite regularly. God is an all-powerful God and He wants to download His power into your life. Experience how we can tap into God’s power as He desires us to.

Cultivating a Lifestyle of Thankfulness – November 23

Thanksgiving should be a daily event (without all the turkey and pumpkin pie of course). God tells us very clearly that we need to have a lifestyle of thankfulness. Join us as we celebrate the holiday that goes year round!

Keeping the “Christ” in Christmas – November 30

The greatest news on earth is being celebrated during this season – the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Unfortunately, the power of the Gospel to transform our lives can get choked out and lost by distractions and busyness. Join us as Pastor Rich teaches on the power of God to transform our lives and impact the lives of those around us this Christmas!