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The law & The cross

Join us as we prepare for Easter this year with our 5-week The Law & The Cross series through Leviticus! Each week we will look at a modern-day application of Old Testament principles that will enable us to more fully appreciate and clearly see the Grace and Hope available to each of us at the cross!

February 28: Bring What You Have

Sacrifice for many people today means giving up on something simple that costs a little money, comfort, or convenience. Sacrifice in the Bible, however, as we will find in Leviticus 1, has a much deeper meaning and in many cases is a bloody reality! Join us Sunday as we journey toward Easter and explore the importance of faith!

March 7: No More Barriers

From the moment Adam and Eve were removed from the garden, sin became a barrier separating humanity and God. In the Old Testament this barrier remained, even for the priests of God. Come look with us through Leviticus 8-10 at the amazing freedom we find in the cross with the removal of barriers that separate us from God.

March 14: A Fractured Story

In the Old Testament, the reality of sin was an unresolvable reality. Sin was and is a pollutant that weakens and deteriorates all of creation, including the very space where people sought to be right with God. Come join us as we look through Leviticus 16 at the imperfect solution in Leviticus and the perfect solution that comes at the cross.

March 21: Bringing Your Best

What comes to mind when you think about worship? Maybe it is gathering on a Sunday, or music and songs. Those are certainly expressions of worship, but as we find in Leviticus 22, genuine worship reflects the holiness and greatness of God and points us to the magnificence of the cross!

March 28: Celebrations That Point to Jesus

Festivals and Sabbath may not be ideas that we think about much today, but Leviticus 23 shows us that they are an amazing gift from God to keep Him at the center of our lives.  In the Old Testament these were part of God’s law for His people, but what should they look like today, and how do they point us to Christ?

April 2: Good Friday, 5:30pm & 7:00pm

The intimacy found with Jesus and His disciples around the dinner table in Luke 22, through the betrayal, his arrest, death, and burial in Luke 23 is a painful but necessary journey if we are to fully understand and experience the joy that comes to us in Luke 24 at Easter. Join us Friday evening at 5:30pm or 7:00pm for our Special Good Friday service as we prepare ourselves for Easter Sunday.

April 4: Easter Sunday!

Jesus had told His followers that He would be betrayed, that He would suffer, that He would die, and that is exactly what happened that first Good Friday almost 2000 years ago. But Jesus also told His disciples that on the third day He would be raised from the dead, and that is also exactly what happened – just as He said! Jesus is alive and you can have new life – come celebrate Easter with us this year at Springbrook!

April 11: The Revelation of Jesus Christ!

The disciples were stuck in waiting between Good Friday and Easter, as they waited for the promise of Jesus to be resurrected from the grave. In much the same way His disciples today are living in a Saturday, as we wait in between His ascension to heaven and His returning to judge the living and the dead!  Join us as we kick off our 8-week “The Revelation of Jesus Christ” series through the book of Revelation!

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