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Teaching Series


We are working through the book of Acts as we move through the summer, and hope you can be with us as we see the story about how the church was born, how it flourished and outlines what it should be doing!  God’s work is “unfinished” because we are continuing the mission of the church today.

August 12 – Surprised by God

God loves to surprise us by showing up when we least expect it. If you want God to surprise you more often, gather with us this Sunday to study Acts 12. In this humorous story, we will learn the secret of how to be more observant and aware of God’s presence in our daily lives.

August 19 – Jesus Encounters

When did you have your life changing experience encounter with Jesus Christ? Join us this Sunday to study one of the most well-known Jesus encounters found in Scripture. Jesus encounters Saul on the road to Damascus in Acts 9 in a dramatic way. You will be reminded of the unbelievable power of Jesus to change lives!

Working through Conflict – August 25

When the church was born, Gentiles were invited into God’s grace. But there was a significant disagreement among the leaders whether Gentiles would have to follow the Mosaic law. We will learn how compromise is a great way to settle the conflict.

Past Messages

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