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The Genius of Generosity

Did you know that cultivating a generous spirit will transform the way you live? Generosity is not just about your financial resources, but also about your time, energy, spiritual gifts and everything you own. God promises that being generous will unleash His power to help us to make a difference in other people’s lives.

Why its Genius to Be Generous – January 14

Did you know that if you decide to become a generous person, both practically and spiritually, it is the smartest, most intellectually sound decision you will ever make for life now and for eternity?  Come study God’s truth about giving ourselves away.

Generosity: The Gateway to Intimacy with God – January 21

One of the most unusual parables in the Bible is the parable of the dishonest manager.  Jesus uses this negative example to teach us a principle of the secret power we can possess as we surrender ourselves to His Lordship.  Be our guest as we study God’s Word together.

Why God Prospers Generous People – January 28

God promises us that He will bless our lives abundantly when we live a lifestyle of generosity.  The more that we share of our lives, the more that God blesses us in return!  God doesn’t have to bless us, but it’s His bonus to us. We invite you out to learn more about how we can develop a deeper intimacy with God.

The Challenge of Generosity – February 4

If being generous leads you to honor God, why is it so difficult?  All of us know that we struggle with generosity because we don’t like to step out in faith and trust that God will provide.    When you take that step of faith and God provides your faith will grow!   Join us as we learn to grow in generosity through faith.

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