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JOHN: Conversations with Jesus

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to sit down and have a conversation with Jesus? Well, you can! Our Conversations with Jesus series will look through the book of John at strategic one-on-one conversations He had with His disciples and those around him. You’ll be amazed at what we can learn and how it applies to life. Join us Sunday, and if you are interested, check out one of our small groups for this series!

Oct 20 – Peter

John 13:1-20: Imagine that you are about to set out on a vitally important mission and someone tells you that “before you go you need to take a bath!” The preparation for the mission is just as important as the mission itself. Together we’ll discover how Jesus prepares His followers for the task ahead.

Oct 27 – The Disciples

John 14:1-14: Do you ever feel like you’ve missed the plot?  Everything is going well and then suddenly you realize that you actually have no clue as to what’s happening.  That’s probably how the disciples felt at times, but Jesus reassures them, and us, with some of the most incredible promises in the whole Bible!  Join us and find out what they are and what they mean for you.

Nov 3 – His Father

John 17:1-26: Shortly before his betrayal and death, Jesus spends time in prayer to the Father. This “high priestly prayer” offers us a unique picture into how Jesus lifts up his mission, his disciples, and even us. Come and hear what his message that night means for us today.

Nov 10 – Pilate

John 18:28-19:16: When Jesus is brought to Pilate, there are no charges listed.  Through his conversations with Jesus, Pilate finds no grounds to kill him, and even seeks to release him.  Pilate, the ultimate human authority in whether or not Jesus would die on the cross, could not find any reason Jesus should die and yet allowed Jesus to be killed.  Come and see why.

Nov 17 – Peter, Again!

John 21:15-25: As we conclude our “Conversations with Jesus” series, we find Jesus once again talking with Peter about moving beyond our past in order to fully experience the forgiveness, love and grace that is extended to us at the cross.  God’s grace is sufficient and His call on our life to follow him is clear!

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