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The Real God Series

Most people struggle with their Christian lives because their understanding of God is too small. The more we understand the true nature of God, the more of God we want in our lives. During this series we will be looking at the different attributes of God so that we can experience Him in a much deeper way.

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September 30 – God is Good

So many times when we think of God, we are blaming God. (We’ll talk about that next week.) But God is incredibly good to us in so many ways. Be our guest as we explore the goodness of God that we experience on a daily basis.

October 7 – The Sovereignty of God

If God’s in control of everything, why is there so much pain and suffering in the world?  Are we all just puppets with no real choices?  If you want solid answers, join us this Sunday as we will study the sovereignty of God.

October 14 – The Holiness of God

God is holy, and He wants us to be holy, but how do we do that?  What’s it really look like to be holy? Do we have to give up everything that’s fun?  Do we have to be serious 24/7 and keep a perfect, holy checklist? Be our guest this Sunday for the surprising answer.

October 21 – The Wisdom of God

What’s the biggest challenge you’re facing right now? Finances? A relationship? A health issue? You need strength and you need endurance. Come and explore with the one thing that will revolutionize your approach to this situation.

October 28 – The Justice of God

Inside each of us is an innate sense of justice. When we see wrong, we want it put right. What does this reveal to us about God’s justice?  Are they related? Be our guest as we learn about the justice of God.

November 4 – The Love of God

Could there ever be too much kindness, too much forgiveness, too much love?  When was the last time you heard someone say, “Love? I’m good. I really don’t need any more?” God’s love is infinite. God’s love is matchless. God’s love is perfect.

November 11 – The Faithfulness of God

The Bible tells us that God is faithful to His Word. That means that we can count on what He’s written to us in Scripture. Want proof?  Join us as we study what it means for God to be faithful to His Word.

November 18 – A Thanksgiving Celebration for our Great God

Join us for a wonderful time of concluding our series on the attributes of God. It’s a fitting end to our study on the attributes of God.  We will lift our voices and celebrate the joy of knowing Him!

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