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New Beginnings


When the Hebrew people are called in the book of Haggai to rebuild the temple, God would lead them through a renewal process of the heart. Our New Beginnings series through Haggai will encourage us to consider how our own actions impact our worship, and we too can experience a renewal of our hearts.

AUG 9 –  Kingdom Perspective

We need to ask God to remind us of His faithfulness and how he has worked before so that our worship will remain focused on him. God’s promises will fuel our continued worship, but sometimes we need to visit the past and hear those promises again.

AUG 16 –  Kingdom Priorities

Sometimes our lives take our focus off of God and His glory, and it is not until the circumstances of our lives leave us no choice but to be drawn to or return to Him. The worship of God requires us to honestly evaluate our hearts and our priorities.

AUG 23 –  Kingdom Purity

As the people of God once again got back to work on rebuilding the temple, a critical error had crept in unnoticed: the people slowly began to feel that because they were working on something holy, it made them holy and entitled them to God’s blessing.

AUG 30 –  Kingdom Promise

If we bring true worship to God, then he will bless us as he desires. Our hearts must be completely committed to worshiping God, if we want him to respond with favor.

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