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An Unusual Christmas

When we take time to reflect on the first Christmas, it was extraordinary in so many different ways. This Christmas at Springbrook, be our guest as we discover the wonders of God’s unusual love for every one of us.

December 2 – An Unusual Visit

Imagine welcoming an entourage of foreign leaders into your home who have come to see your two year old son and give Him extravagant gifts! Jesus and Mary experienced that when the wise men visited the toddler King! Join us as we learn to seek after
Jesus just as the Maji did!

December 9 – An Unusual Family Tree

The ancestry of Jesus Christ included many “black sheep” of the family. Liars, prostitutes and even people involved in incestuous relationships were all part of his earthly lineage. Join us as we realize how Jesus came to transform dysfunctional lives.

December 16 – An Unusual Birthplace

Every year many people from around the world travel to visit Bethlehem, the birthplace of Jesus. But in Jesus’ day, no one would anticipate that the Messiah would be born in such an obscure village. Come this Sunday to find out why Bethlehem held a place of prominence in God’s eyes.

December 23 – An Unusual Announcement

Breaking News Special Report is usually not delivered by the most notorious liars. When you announce that a King is going to be born, you don’t usually go to the least untrustworthy people in that day. Be our guest this Sunday, as we learn that Jesus always uses the most ordinary people to do His great work.

Christmas Eve – 4:00-5:00 pm – An Unusual Gift

Be our guest as we celebrate Christmas Eve! We will have a meaningful time of thanking God for his incredible gift through Jesus. We will be singing Christmas carols, be reminded of what Christmas is truly about, and closing the night with Silent Night in candlelight. Be sure to invite a friend out to this Christmas gathering!

December 30 – An Unusual Child Dedication

When Jesus was brought to the temple to be circumcised on the 8th day, there were some special people there to encourage Mary and Joseph in understanding the identity of their precious Son. Bring a friend to learn how Jesus can transform their life!

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