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God is real, God is present in our world, and God is present in our lives! The presence of God is a Biblical reality for us today, but the concept and experience of the presence of God can be vague for many. Join us at Springbrook each Sunday for our “Experiencing the Presence of God” series as we explore how we can turn our eyes and our ears to hear and experience the fullness of God’s presence in our lives!

January 17 – The Presence of God

Everything started out great in the first chapter of Genesis, when we were enjoying all the benefits of being physically present with God. We are not currently experiencing the original design for our relationship with God today, be the good news is that the last chapter of Revelation gives us a glimpse of how much better our physical relationship with God will be!

January 24: Knowing Presence

God gives us His presence so that we might know Him! He does not just want you to know about Him, but to truly know Him. In Exodus 19 we see how God granted His holy presence to His called-out people so that they might know Him, but while for the people of Israel a barrier remained, now for those of us who are in Christ, the barrier has been removed and God invites us to experience and enjoy His presence.

January 31: Guiding Presence

Do you ever wish that your GPS could give you directions for life and not just the fastest route to grandma’s house? As the people of Israel journeyed through the wilderness in Numbers 9, the guiding presence of God showed them the way every single day. Together we will discover that He is still guiding His people today.

February 7: God Among Us

Division, anger and disunity seem to be everywhere in our culture, but when we gather as God’s people something amazing happens. The presence of God, and the power of the gospel is most beautifully displayed in Ephesians 2:11-22, in the context of our togetherness.

February 14: God Is in Us!

When we give our heart to the Lord what does it mean, in a practical sense, in our lives? The answer is greater than you could ever imagine! Join us for this special Valentine’s Day message from John 14 as we explore the reality of what it means to have God in us!

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