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Advent: A Journey toward Christmas!

We are not waiting for Christmas to arrive on December 25th at Springbrook, we are eagerly anticipating and preparing for it! Join us this Christmas season for our “Journey toward Christmas” Advent series, as we look at the promises of God, and how the birth of Jesus fulfilled the world’s need for a messiah. We look forward to seeing you!

Dec 8 – Redemption

All of humanity fell into sin with a single event, but here is the good news about Christmas: God has a plan and he has provided us a savior! Discover the true wonder of Christmas, that no matter where you are or what you have done, you can experience the fullness of knowing and having a relationship with God!

Dec 15 – Worship

That God Himself would take on flesh and come and dwell amongst us is astounding. Yet that is what we celebrate at Christmas. We have a God who is with us, and we have a God who delights to use the most unexpected of people to accomplish His incredible purposes – how can we not worship Him?

Dec 22 – joy

God had promised Mary and Joseph a son that would save His people from their sins, and Jesus coming to earth as our redemptive Messiah should bring us joy!  But what does joy look like and are you experiencing that now?  Join us as we move toward Christmas day and look closely ath the fullness of life that Jesus promises!

Dec 24 – Special Christmas Eve Service / Candle Lighting 4pm

Be our guest for our special Christmas Eve service Tuesday, December 24th at 4pm.  We will have a meaningful time celebrating and thanking God for the incredible gift of His Son, as we sing together, hear an encouraging message, and close with a wonderful candlelight service. Be sure to invite a friend out to this special Christmas gathering!  Childcare will be available for kids through age 5.

Dec 29 – Nourishment for the New Year

As we prepare to turn the page on another year, it is a time when many of us are us are making resolutions or plans for things we would like to do differently in the year ahead. Join us as we discover how to R.E.A.D the Bible in a fresh way to gain the Spiritual nourishment that we need for the new year.

Jan 5 – Hindsight in 2020

Have you ever wondered what it will be like when we see God in heaven someday? In Matthew 5 Jesus promises that the pure in heart will see God, and it seems like he is referring to seeing him in on this side of heaven. As we start the new year, join us as we look at what it means to have a pure heart in 2020 and beyond.

Past Messages

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