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Malachi: God is Faithful

God loves perfectly and completely, and His love is a love of action – giving, guiding and guarding. He is altogether faithful, true to his promises and to His chosen people. Join us at Springbrook this summer as we begin with a journey through the book of Malachi, looking at lessons that are sure to strengthen our relationships with God, family and friends!

June 23 – Avoiding Relational Stumbling Blocks

Malachi 2:10-16. Whenever the truth and power of God begin to fade around us, it is easy to lose the ability to avoid moral traps and relationship failure. Let us avoid the stumbling blocks of a world that would drag us down, and encourage one another to find the strength to stand upright!

June 30 – The Justice of God

Malachi 2:17-3:5. How many times have you asked “Where is the justice of God?” Or maybe you’re not so sure about the whole “God part” so you’ve just asked, “Where’s justice?” Be encouraged as today, as we explore God’s faithfulness, and find what the justice of God demands for our sins, the grace of God provides through the death of Christ!

July 7 – Robbing God

Malachi 3:6-12. Breaking in to heaven and running off with God’s best silverware sounds ridiculous doesn’t it? But what if there’s another way in which many of us are robbing God and missing out on something incredible that He has for us as a result?

July 14 – Giving Up On God

Malachi 3:13-4:6. A lot of people “give up on God” because they don’t understand why He seems to let things unfold the way that they do, but a time is coming when everything will be made right.

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Pastoral Transition Messages

This past February, we said goodbye to our beloved shepherd Pastor Dan and his wife Lori. We are eternally grateful for their service, sacrifice, and will pray for them on their new journey.
If you would like to hear the audio of Pastor Dan’s last two sermons, and the message of passing the baton from Executive Pastor Richard Wollard, you can click this link.