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Teaching Series


As we head into summer at Springbrook, we are going to be studying through the book of Acts. This book outlines the amazing story about how the church was born, how it flourished and outlines what it should be doing! God’s work is “unfinished” because we are continuing the mission of the church today.

June 17 – Father’s Day

We’re going to celebrate God’s gift of Dads! We are creating a unique service to honor Dads and to encourage them through God’s Word. Bring the whole family to this special worship celebration.

June 24 – Praying for Courage in the Mission

The best news in the world is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Most Christ-followers struggle with building relationships with unbelievers because of different fears. This Sunday we will be studying Acts 4:12-31 to discover how to deal with those fears so we can be courageous in showing love to others.

Past Messages

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