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Experience the Reality of God

People too often live with uncertainty, or even guilt, about how to have a relationship with God or experience genuine spiritual growth. This is not God’s will for any of His children, but rather, His desire is to walk together with us through the ordinary days of our lives and make them extraordinary! Come join this Easter as we kick off our series looking at Biblical principles for how we can more fully “Experience the Reality of God” in our lives!

April 21 – Easter Sunday: Experience New Life!

All of humanity was represented in death by those at Golgotha, and all of humanity can personally experience new life through the resurrected Christ! Regardless of your situation, sentiment, hurts, habits or hang-ups, everyone has access to new life in Jesus Christ — who was alive, was dead, and is now alive forevermore!

April 28 – Experience Purpose

What on earth am I here for? We often think of purpose in terms of what we do, but what if it is something so much more. Together we’ll examine God’s perspective on our purpose and discover the joy and freedom that it brings.

May 5 – Experience Freedom

We were created to experience freedom, but what does God say that true freedom looks like, and how can we guard against going back to the things that have enslaved us in the past? We were created to experience freedom, but what does God say that true freedom looks like, and how can we guard against going back to the things that have enslaved us in the past?

May 12 – Mother’s Day: Experience Family

A person’s legacy is not determined by who a person is or what family they were born into, but rather is determined by what is done for Christ while they are here on this earth. Be our guest this Mother’s Day for a message that will encourage, challenge, and strengthen each of us as we think about how to leave a lasting legacy!

May 19 – Experience Truth

Of all of the challenges facing young people today, one of the biggest threats is the deterioration of truth. How do we speak truth into a world brimming full of relativistic values? Join us this Sunday as our youth help lead the service and we discover ways to stay rooted in truth.

May 26 – Memorial Day: Experience Sacrificial Love

There is no greater love than what we have received from Jesus, who laid down his life for us on the cross. If we want to experience God and be a part of his kingdom, it starts with following his example in how we leave each other. Join us and learn about a perfect definition of love and what it looks like to live it out daily.

June 2 – Experience Rest

Imagine if you took a year off from work. Would you starve? Would everything you owned be repossessed? When the Israelites entered the Promised Land they weren’t only commanded to not work on the Sabbath, but to have one in every seven years where the land itself was rested. Join us on Sunday as we look at this practice throughout the Old Testament and see why God would make this such a high value for his people.

Past Messages

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Pastoral Transition Messages

This past February, we said goodbye to our beloved shepherd Pastor Dan and his wife Lori. We are eternally grateful for their service, sacrifice, and will pray for them on their new journey.
If you would like to hear the audio of Pastor Dan’s last two sermons, and the message of passing the baton from Executive Pastor Richard Wollard, you can click this link.