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Witness: The Ongoing Acts of the Holy Spirit

SEP 13 – Witnesses – Acts 1:1-11

Before Jesus ascended, the disciples assumed the next item on the agenda would be to overthrow Rome and restore Jerusalem and Israel to the Jews. Instead, Jesus promised the disciples the Holy Spirit and sent them on a mission that would cover the globe. Join us as we begin our Witness series to see how the Holy Spirit worked in Acts and continues today.
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SEP 20 – Heart and Soul – Acts 4:32-5:11

The radical way of living that characterized the followers of Jesus was made clear through their unity of heart and soul. They were willing to give of what they had to support the needy, building up a community where all were united in their love of God and neighbor. This week we will look at the selflessness of the early church and the tension created by those unwilling to follow wholeheartedly.
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SEP 27 – Pay Attention – Acts 8:1-25

How does the Holy Spirit respond to the world’s opposition? When Christians are forced to flee Jerusalem, the end result is the gospel reaching Judea and Samaria. Come see how the Holy Spirit carries out the mission of Jesus in the face of opposition.

OCT 04 – Bunnies, Bears, and Bacon – Acts 10:1-11:18

A devout Jew would never eat anything that was not kosher, and the early church was made up of such men and women. These barriers prevented the gospel from spreading to people dwelling right next to the former Jews. What is the Holy Spirit’s solution? To offer Peter bunnies, bears, and bacon.

OCT 11 – A Word of Encouragement – Acts 13:13-13:51

Have you ever asked someone to share something, only to realize you wish you hadn’t? The synagogue rulers of Antioch know how you feel. When Paul and his companions start their first missionary journey, they are given the opportunity to share in a synagogue, and the aftermath is a city in chaos and a new group of disciples.

OCT 18 – Life and Breath and Everything – Acts 17:16-34

How do you proclaim the Word of God to a people who assume they are their own gods? When Paul found himself in a city overwhelmed by idol worship, his heart burned to see them come to know the resurrected king. See how Paul took their known world and filled it with the good news of Jesus.

OCT 25 – Except for These Chains – Acts 25:13-26:32

“You are out of your mind!” If you heard these words from someone who held your fate in their hands, you might be frightened. Paul is emboldened in his proclamation of the gospel, desiring that his captors come to know the resurrected king in the same way Paul does, except for the chains.

Nov 1 – The Ends… – Acts 28:11-31

The mission of Acts comes to a completion at the end of the book… or does it? The Holy Spirit has succeeded in bringing witnesses of Jesus to the ends of the known world. Luke doesn’t see this as an end, however, because the churches who will read Luke’s account must take up the mantle of the mission to be witnesses until the return of the resurrected King.

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