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Starting January 30 – The world’s greatest sermon!

The Sermon on the Mount given by Jesus beginning in Matthew Chapter 5, was the greatest sermon of all time.  In fact, Jesus’ sermon is so well known that even people that question God can’t ignore its teachings!

The Sermon on the Mount is 3 chapters long, coming after chapters 1-4. In Matthew 1, the genealogy of Jesus demonstrates He has the legal right to rule Israel. Chapter 2 reveals His kingship. In chapter 3, John preaches repentance, necessary before the Davidic kingdom could be established. In chapter 4, Jesus is demonstrated to be morally worthy to rule, and shows the conditions of the kingdom by several miracles.

There is a messianic fever that was building in Israel by the time we get to Matthew Chapter 5, and it is there that we Encounter Jesus and the Sermon on the Mount. Be sure to sign up for an Encounter with Jesus, and then then join us for our Sermon on the Mount series that will take us up to Easter!

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