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Sharpened Iron

Iron sharpens iron is not just a thing that happens in the church or Christian community.  We are all being shaped by those we interact with, even as we are hopefully shaping them.  The end result is creating cultures that are either becoming “more good” or “more evil.” This happens in our homes, our schools, our jobs, and on to the many levels of society.  For the next four weeks we are going to look at what Proverbs 28-29 has to say about developing a culture that uplifts the wise, corrects the fools, and leads towards future generations living well.

June 20: Knowledge Is Power – Proverbs 28:1-12

If I had an inconsequential time machine, I would go explain to my fifth-grade self what a smart phone was. That way every time a teacher said “are you going to carry around a calculator the rest of your life?” I could answer “yeah, and it will be smaller than the ones in our classroom and I can watch Nickelodeon on it.”  You may wonder what this has to do with a series about families, which is a good sign that you should be here on Sunday to find out.

June 27: Fueling Search Engines – Proverbs 28:12-29:1

It was a dark day for my high school’s English teachers when I first realized I could enhance my procrastination skills by using search engines to quickly find answers and quotes.  The end result was less thinking and more quotations, but I managed to continually prove that I could read a rubric well enough to get a B.   Come and see why we need more than simply finding quotations in order to be agents of a righteous cultures.

July 4: Showing Your Work – Proverbs 29:1-16

The greatest injustice in my middle school life was having to stay after school to prove I had not cheated on a multiple-choice math test.  I had not shown any work on the test because it was multiple choice and I could find the answers without doing any work.  The math teacher didn’t really think I had cheated, but tried teach me a much more valuable way to think about tests than simply coming up with the right answer.  Join us to learn about what calculus and Christian living have in common.

July 11: What Would I Say to Me – Proverbs 29:16-27

I may not ever get to go back in time and redirect younger me, but there is a little girl learning how to see the world from me each and every day. What will I say to her?  How will I respond when my child wonders why they need to learn what is readily available at the touch of a finger?  Learn the answers to these questions and see a vision for sharpened iron across future generations.

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