A church committed to reaching our community for Jesus Christ and building passionate disciples


This is a cutting edge ministry because we endeavor to reach out and embrace Springbrook attendees. Whether people are first time visitors or regulars, our purpose is to offer a warm welcome, a lending hand and, perhaps, a listening ear.

Ministry Opportunities

  • Connection Team

    This is the team that coordinates all the ministry efforts to help people feel like Springbrook is a family and they belong. They meet monthly and work on various projects.

  • Hosts

    Hosts are the first contact people have when they visit Springbrook so they play a very important role! The responsibilities involve arriving early at the church for prayer time, greeting people until just before the service, and then afterwards until visitors have cleared the Atrium area. Greeting involves welcoming people (with a smile), answering questions and showing visitors around. Commitment is 1 to 4 times per month. The Hosts are also responsible for ushering during the service at which they are serving.

  • Contact People

    Contact People maintain an ongoing relationship with newcomers on the phone. They make 3 to 5 phone calls a week. Initial phone calls are to welcome newcomers. Thereafter, they phone them monthly to inform them of church events, and to encourage them to become involved. The time commitment would be about one hour per week (depending upon conversations), plus a monthly two-hour meeting.

  • Welcome Center

    This critical ministry helps get information out about Springbrook. This person would arrive early at church to set up the information table. They would work until the service begins, then afterwards until the visitors have cleared the Atrium. This position involves helping people with questions, overseeing sign-ups for various church activities.

  • Sunday Morning Refreshments

    This team works to provide a friendly and casual setting after Sunday morning services, where visitors, members and regular attendees, can partake of light snacks and drinks while becoming acquainted with others, and learning more about Springbrook and what we have to offer. The responsibilities of this team include purchasing juices and snacks (such as donuts and cookies) on a rotating basis and bringing these items to church, displaying them on trays, preparing coffee, pouring juice, and cleaning up afterwards.

  • Meal Ministry

    This team supplies, prepares and delivers meals to people who need help. They serve families in times of crisis and joy, such as hospital recovery, illness, death, or the birth of a new baby. This team exemplifies Christ’s love at a time when people need one another the most.

For additional information contact Connections Director Laura Schweber.