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Heart of Worship

The best way to understand worship is to think about what is most important to you. Whatever that is, that is what you worship. The way you work, how you conduct yourself in your relationships, how you handle finances and practice generosity – everything you do is an act of worship. Join us as we explore Biblical worship as it was intended for God’s glorify and our encouragement.

August 8 – God’s Desire for Our Worship

Believe it or not, there a right and wrong way to worship!  When Jesus meets the woman of Samaria at Jacob’s well, He shares with us the building blocks of true worship!
* This week’s 7-day YouVersion Bible reading plan: “What does it mean to Worship?”
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August 15 – Better Together in Worship

I can worship God anytime and anywhere by myself, but there are several aspects of worship that can only be had when we come together – we are better together!
* This week’s 7-day YouVersion Bible reading plan: “Should Christians Attend Church?”
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August 22 – The Importance of Faith in Worship

Faith is the foundation of our worship on Sunday morning and in every area of our lives! Without faith, it is impossible to please God and it is impossible to worship!
* This week’s 7-day YouVersion Bible reading plan: “The Path of a Worshiper
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August 29 – Inspiring Worship

Worship is not about receiving but rather about giving, it is what you bring with you. Worship is what you make it and inspiring worship all starts with you!
* This week’s 7-day YouVersion Bible reading plan: “Living Worship
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Past Messages

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