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   As of 01/03/19: 77% Funded!

2019 Year end offering breakdown:

WORSHIP ($6,500) PATHWAY ($3,500) FACILITIES ($10,000)
Baptismal: $3,000
Plumbing: $2,000
Computer: $1,500
Missions Hallway: $1,500
Lobby NextSteps: $2,000
Exterior Steel Doors: $10,000

Below are the descriptions for each part of the initiative. If you are interested in serving with any of the teams or are interested learning more, please use the contact form below. Thank you for your generosity as we seek to accomplish all God has for us together!


We love celebrating baptisms at Springbrook! Baptism, like communion, is an ordinance of the church and we would love to celebrate a baptism service as frequently as we do communion.  One of the issues we have with baptisms is scheduling. It takes significant effort to setup and takedown our baptismal and we would like to make this more quick and simple.  If this portion of the yearend offering is funded, we would like to purchase and install a new system.  The units we have been pricing are around $3,000 and we are anticipating $2,000 for installation, including electricity and water plumbing.
Additionally, the computer system that runs our multimedia crashed this year.  We were able to temporarily repair it, but need a new system which is estimated to cost $1,500. The total project cost for our worship initiative is $6,500.
Staff Contact: Bethany Timmons


This past year, we have been diligent about updating the missions’ page of our website, but we want to be more intentional about creating better visibility for our local, regional, and worldwide involvement.  Our missions’ team would like to remodel our east hallway with a missions theme for providing information and routine updates. The cost for the projected is estimated to be $1,500.
Missions is a part of the “Multiply” or “Go” portion of our discipleship pathway, and just as with our missionary focus, we would like to have better visibility of our entire discipleship pathway!  Remodeling our Ministry Center, utilizing electronic boards and devices, and utilizing professionally designed materials, will provide visibility and clarity with our pathway and we estimate will cost $2,000.
Staff Contact: Penney Jurzak


You have probably never noticed the exterior steel doors on the north side of the sanctuary, and most people don’t utilize our rear staff or kitchen doors.  Unfortunately, they are 12 years and the rain, snow, and weather conditions have eroded through the doors and door frames. We have had several security and emergency events that have are forcing us to replace them.  The cost for the doors and installation is estimated at $10,000. This initiative is not as exciting as other opportunities, but much needed for us to continue to provide a safe environment for our church family!
Staff Contact: Joseph Hawley

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