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If you are an active member of Springbrook, you can use this electronic vote link below to affirm the 2020:

  • Elder candidates
  • Church budget

You can not cast an e-vote as a couple or for another person, only for yourself. By clicking the link and confirming your name and email address, you are acknowleging that you are the intended member in good standing casting your vote. Electronic voting will end at midnight on Saturday, February 15th, at which point you will need to pickup and use a paper ballot Sunday afternoon.

If you missed the e-vote window, or wish to cast your vote utilizing a paper ballot, you must show up in person to pickup your ballot Sunday February 16th at 12:30 in the gym.  If you have any questions, please contact Office Manager Robin Holtz at (224) 569-3300 during normal business hours from 9am-2pm Mon-Fri.

For more information about the annual meeting/celebration, and to register to attend the meeting and/or lunch, please visit is required for lunch.

Thank you for your commitment to the work God is doing and through our local Body of Christ and Springbrook, and we look forward to all God has for us this year!