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There are 4 opportunities to jump into small group open enrollment, they are in February, April, July, and September. Click the Join a Group link to browse our small groups or use the contact form below and we’ll help you find a group. Jump in!

Our small groups at Springbrook run on a quad calendar, which means every February, April, July, and September (sermon alignment), all our Springbrook small groups are open for people to sign up!  If you miss one of the sign-up periods, no worries, the next open enrollment period is just around the corner.

Each day during the week, a variety of small groups are meeting throughout our community to learn more about God, study the Bible, meet others, and grow in their friendship with God and each other. Small group open enrollment is a great time to try a small group or host a small group in your own home!

Here’s what to expect:
     A friendly environment
     Bible study and discussion
     Chance to get t know others

Click the join a group link, complete the form below, or email Pastor Jeff if you have questions. Life change happens best in small groups, and we look forward to helping you get connected!