A church committed to reaching our community for Jesus Christ and building passionate disciples

*As of February 13, 2023:  $25,296 (101%) !!!

Our Springbrook Acts 1:8 vision is to build passionate disciples working together to reach our community, region and world for Christ, and our budget each year enables us to effectively achieve that vision. You can visit our Springbrook Vision & Mission page or our Missions Ministry page for more information, but we have some exciting opportunities as we move into 2023!

The allocations below for our year-end offering this year show how it will support just a few of the opportunities we have in specific areas of ministry:

Jerusalem Judea Samaria EndS of Earth
Facilities, Staffing,
& Ministry
Local Ministries,
Outreach & Ministry
Converge MidAmerica,
US Church Planting,
& Ministry
Converge Worldwide,
Timothy Initiative

Jerusalem: Staffing & Facilities

Each year, as we continue to meet the growing needs of our families and ministry at Springbrook, we need to invest in our staff, as well as in our facilities and equipment.

A portion of our yearend offering will go directly to supplement our staff and facilities budget in 2023. We hope to add a new part-time position for Worship-Production, need to refinish our gym and classroom floors, and would like to accelerate paying down our parking lot loan.

Judea: Local Ministry & Outreach

Over the last several years at Springbrook, spending for some local ministry and outreach opportunities have fallen outside of our budget and relied on contributions to various funds.

As we continue to move out of the impact of Covid and into 2023, it is our desire to begin rebuilding our budget to better support new outreach ministries and opportunities serving individuals and families in our community.

Samaria: Converge MidAmerica & Church Planting

Each year we have an opportunity to support the work God is doing in our Samaria through the exciting work of planting new churches in our district. In addition to increasing our presence and effectiveness in this area of our budget, we would like to come alongside two specific church planters this year:
Adam Reardon & Redemption Church in Belvidere, Illinois >>> video
Bryant Applegate, Forge City Church, Lexington, Kentucky >>> story

Springbrook is a member of Converge MidAmerica (CMA), who in the last 20 years has expanded its reach from 86 churches across 4 states to over over 569 churches across 15 states and 27 countries throughout the Caribbean!  Our year end offering will enable us to ensure we can continue to meet our budgeted commitment to regional and domestic missions moving forward.

Ends of the Earth: Timothy Initiative

We continue to support a significant portion of our missions budget each year through the efforts of our yearend special offering. As we move into 2023, we want to continue to honor our budgeted commitment to plant 100 new churches over two years in India and Asia through the work of our Timothy Initiative partner.

Much of the work TTI accomplishes contains internet sensitive and confidential information, so please stop by the missions table in the hallway for more information about the Church in Every Village initiative.

Data for specific parts of the world is being collected to create maps to inform a strategy that will focus efforts to plant a church in every village where a church is needed, and our 2023 budget will include a commitment to plant 50 of those churches this year!

Be sure to visit our missions page for routine updates, and feel free to contact any member of our missions team at missions@springbrook.org.

Thank you for your commitment and prayerful support of the work God is doing in and through our local Body of Christ at Springbrook! If you have any questions about our budget or our yearend offering, please feel free to contact any member of our elder board. Springbrook.org/elders