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NCS Chaplain News

Our Nationwide chaplains (NCS) from two cities were providing care for first responders and comforting civilians at the scene of a young girl that was hit by a train yesterday. We were continuing that care today when our chaplains and counselors were again called out this afternoon to work and assist with an active shooter situation in a neighboring community.

First, thank you for financially supporting the work God is doing in and through our Springbrook ministry, so that we can support the work of ministries such as Nationwide Chaplain Services.

Second, please be praying for our police, fire, EMT, dispatchers and coroners that faithfully serve our community during some of the most tragic and horrific times.

Third, pray for our pastors and chaplains that serve and minister to our first responders and families in our communities amid their trials, pain, and suffering.

NCS is supported by Springbrook Community Church as a regional mission reaching our community for Christ.  For more information about Springbrook missions and missionaries, visit www.springbrook.org/missions
If you are interested in serving at Springbrook Community Church as a Community Chaplain, please visit Springbrook.org/chaplaincy