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How are you doing?

I don’t know how you are doing emotionally right now, but I am sure feeling the effects of this past month!  To be honest, I’m feeling a little drained.  Watching the news, listening to all the opinions about the coronavirus, dealing with the effects of governmental bickering – it can really take a toll.

This world is fallen and broken, and building strong lasting relationships takes work.  Fortunately God has provided a way for us to overcome our innate weakness as peacemakers and we can learn to respond to conflict constructively. His solution – the Good News that Jesus Christ came into the world to save sinners!

The Good News is that through our relationship with Christ, we have the forgiveness of sins and the ability to resist temptation, obey His commands, and live a life that honors Him. Join us Sunday as we kick off our 7-week series on being a Peacemaker – a series I am praying will transform our relationships through the power of the Gospel!

I was so exciting connecting with everyone last week for Palm Sunday, Good Friday and Easter – what a great celebration! Easter is behind us, but the celebration continues. Take a moment to visit our post-Easter reflections and opportunities at www.springbrook.org/aftereaster, and I look forward to being with you Sunday for our new Peacemaker Series!

On the journey together,
Pastor Rich